In Search of a Vision

Uganda mapAs my first career draws to a close and I begin preparing for what comes next, God has drawn me to go to nursing school to become a missionary nurse, and has tugged the hearts of both me and my wife, Cindy, in the direction of Uganda, where war and AIDS has left a vast population of orphans who need His loving care.

One night a few months ago, I caught myself giving advice to a teenager who had made extensive career plans but had never bothered to meet with someone serving in her selected occupation, or to visit the work-site of such a professional. As I heard myself criticize her for not exposing herself to the work and workers in her chosen field, I heard God say the same thing to me.  I immediately recognized I needed to go to Uganda, to visit the orphanages and mission hospitals, and meet the people whose needs I will someday serve as well as some of the people who are already serving there.

Since my retirement date is set for March 14, 2014, Cindy and I are planning to fly into Entebbe, Uganda in April and make certain stops, visiting orphan ministries and mission clinics where we can before returning home to build on that vision, and take the necessary steps to make this mission a reality.

I have already resumed my college classes to finish the prerequisites necessary to enroll in nursing school. I have long way to go, but it has to start with a vision. My hope is that this trip will fuel me with the passion it will take to drive me through the obstacles that lie ahead.

Thank you for stopping by. I would appreciate your prayers.

- Todd

5 thoughts on “In Search of a Vision

  1. You and Cindy continue to receive my daily prayers and blessings. It is with tremendous pride in you both that I know you will serve our Lord and His ministry with the utmost of care, concern and Christian love. I have complete confidence in your educational pursuits and these being tailored to the very mission work you have been called to enlist. Numbers 6: 24-26 NIV

    1. Todd

      Post author

      Thank you, Ron, for your encouragement and for the supportive friendship you have always shared. We appreciate your part in making this part of our lives a reality.

  2. Fred Lemmon

    You know I am proud of you for many things. Now, for yielding yourself to the will of God. I pray His blessings on you as He leads you and provides the resources to accomplish His purpose in you.


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